Cromolux Eye Drops 10ml

Cromolux Eye Drops 10ml

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Cromolux Eye Drop

Brings relief to itchy, allergic eyes. Cromolux treats allergic conjunctivitis and vernal keratoconjunctivitis. Using Cromolux approximately a week before the expected allergy season may help reduce the symptoms associated with eye allergies. 
Only Available from Pharmacies.
 Cromolux 10ml contains Sodium Cromoglycate 2% w/v and is a Pharmacy Medicine. 

What Cromolux is used for and how it works
Your medicine is used to treat allergic eye conditions such as hay fever and conjunctivitis, which are conditions that can cause itching, redness, discomfort and watery discharge from the eyes.
This medicine contains sodium cromoglycate, which works by acting on certain cells to prevent them from releasing substances that cause the allergic reaction.

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