GO Magnesium 800 120s

GO Magnesium 800 120s

Brand: GO Healthy
Product Code: GO Magnesium 800 120s
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High Dose Muscle and Nerve Support

Product Benefits

GO MAGNESIUM 800 contains four forms of Magnesium to increase absorption and bioavailability. GO Magnesium 800 is a powerful Magnesium formula that helps to relax muscles and nervous tension. This formula promotes a restful sleep when taken before bed.

Product Ingredients

Magnesium asparate (equiv. Magnesium 20mg) 100mg, Magnesium amino acid chelate (equiv. Magnesium 20mg) 100mg, Magnesium citrate (equiv. Magnesium 20mg) 100mg, Magnesium oxide (equiv. Magnesium 300mg) 500mg, Total Elemental Magnesium 360mg



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