Headlice Hero 200ml

Headlice Hero 200ml

Brand: Smart Science
Product Code: Headlice Hero 200ml (with comb)
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Headlice Hero Treatment Spray

Kills Lice and Eggs
200ml Spray with easy to use metal comb
Gentle on Hair
Lethal on Lice

The Headlice Hero Treatment Spray attacks head lice infestations by a physical means and eradicates the lice by killing them and preventing the eggs from hatching. This physical action is a process that covers the exoskeleton (outer shell) of head lice causing them to dehydrate and die.

No need to use a conditioner after treatment. Headlice Hero Treatment Spray will leave hair in beautiful, soft, silky and healthy condition.

CONTAINS: Isopropyl Myristate, Cyclomethicone, Melaleuca Oil and Lavender Oil.


Smart Science

Headlice Hero 200ml

Treatment Spray

Gentle on Hair, Lethal on Lice

Kills Lice and Eggs

10 Minute Treatment

Leaves Hair in soft and beautiful silky condition

Scientifically Proven

Pleasant Fragrance

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Easy to use Metal Comb

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